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4-Minute Lower Body Stretching Routine


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well worth the time.. I needed this one.. Thanks Nicole for sharing..
Thankyou. I did both upper and lower body...because....I'm SOOOO SORE from last night's 30 minute cardio. lol. Not used to it anymore.
This is perfect for me to start -- pre-yoga because I'm not ready for yoga yet!
Always a good stretch
Felks great to stretch. Especially after workouts
Dear Nicole:

Thank you for your help with these exercises and many others to help us with our routines. I have problems with that first stretch because I get Charlie Horses in the back of my thighs. WHY??

I love the videos! However I miss the "Add to fitness tracker" button. Made it so much easier to keep with the video workouts.
that felt good!
This instructor should be telling people to hold their abdominal muscles in. You especially should be holding them in anytime you bend over. This protects you from hurting your back.
This is a great video! Thank you
Due to physical limitations I do standing stretches in the corner in my kitchen ( where two counters meet). Gives me some back up when I get wobbly.
A great lower body muscle warm-up, thanks!
Thanks so much! I needed that....
This was a nice stretch i needed it after all of the workouts i have been doing.
Love Coach Nicole's no-fuss, detailed instructions. Thanks!
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