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10-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout


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This 67 y/o guy with a damaged heart and an implanted cardiac defibrillator had to slow way down after 4 rotations when my Heart rate climbed to 140 (above which my defibrillator is scheduled to kick my heart back into a "normal rhythm"

Later today I'll see how it affected my arthritic knee, my cracked (but healed)) vertebrae and collapsed and partially collapsed discs.
Great workout!
ugh stopped after 4 min. my knees hurt.
Good work out... does she have a cold?
this is great I did the workout but could not jump due to bad knees but I step the way thru .. love it...was sweating a little...
I watched the video and could only do some of the exercises. Couldn't jump or skip but I was panting when finished!
couldn't do all the moves but still a great workout to get the heart pumping
Strained knee and age does not allow this tho I do other cardio, guess I'm through with this challenge before I even started. Looks like a great exercise tho!
Excellent 10 minute cardio video. Worked up a good sweat in a short amount of time. I used to think I had to have an hour to work out. So sometimes I didn't work out. I've been changing my mindset so that even 10 minutes can burn calories and be a great workout.
I'm not there yet. Great workout though. Thanks Nicole
I tried to open this and got a failure message for cross domain restrictions. Any help around?
YAY...I just completed this which is my first 10 minutes of cardio that I have done in years!! feels great. : )
Easy, yet as challenging as you want to make it. And as another commenter said, a short workout is better than no workout.
Good workout
Quick and different. Thanks!
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