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10-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout


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I just did stepping over back and forth . when I started looing I thought I will be able to do it how wrong I was. I guess I didn't try to jump in a long time So sad. I like exercise very much . I have a bicycle so I am trying to strengthen my muscles so I can ride it.
sorry I couldn't do the hopping
sick of all these ads for food. that is why i quit spark before. dont' need constant reminders about food
This video and others are very helpful and motivational. The brevity is great! Just long enough to get me moving, but not overwhelmed by a full hour of exercise at this time! (But, Coach Nicole, please get a tissue, you drive me a bit crazy hearing you sniffle all the time.)
I knew I wouldn't make it through this video, but I tried it anyway. Way too much jumping for me. Even trying to do it slowly was too much. I just basically did side to side steps over the rope like a walking video. I've got too much weight on me at this time to be jumping, but I will come back to this video in the future.
This was a good workout but her sniffles were really annoying
Could really feel this in my Gluteous Medius and Minimus muscles (side of hip.) Just did the low impact version. Need to really strengthen my muscles before I can start doing the high impact version. Still a really fun workout. I look forward to being able to do all of those jumps as I become fitter and healthier.
This was a great workout to start my day when I don't have a lot of time. I am just getting back into working out and it sure feels good!!
My knees killed me after a few minutes. If this is low impact I am not sure I will ever even attempt a higher level. I will stick to water aerobics.
Would love to see youmake another video like this only low impact and consideration for those that are unable to bounce? Knee issues :( God bless and thank you!

Wow! I kept it at a minimum impact level, and still got a great workout!
I am house bound need exercise more so in a chair or with chair support
Please think more about safety and do not show unnecessary items on the floor in videos! She stepped and jumped on the band/rope several times and it was an accident waiting to happen! That's the last thing folks on here need to happen, but not everybody is thinking safety when following these videos. Thanks for future consideration.

This is a good moderate (not starting) workout if the hips/knees can take the jumping. Side to side is the hardest for me, so I had to fully warm up first so the hips would behave and this was a challenging bit of m workout today. Thanks!
Love it and I keep going to get more in ........ :)
This was a fun little workout!
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