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10-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout


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This was difficult but I made it through and plan to do it again today. Will be saving this to my favorites.
As an upstairs apartment dweller, I need something that is not going to thump and thud on my downstairs neighbors apartment. I would love to find a short cardio that I can do upstairs without disturbing my neighbors, for those days when the weather is not cooperating.
This looks like a great workout but unfortunately, it is too high impact for me... :/
Loved the video...easy to do ...and most effective !! Good for beginers like me.
This is a high impact work out loved it . However i couldnt do the one leg hop for long , couldn't hold more than 5 second. Iam going to challenge myself to do this 10 minute work out non-stop without breaks
Ignore the comment about being able to add it to tracker. I must have been on a different page because it is there now.
I thought it was great, but I could not do the jumping and hopping...yet. I wish we had the option to have the calories burned/ workout added to our tracker like in most videos.
Thanks for this, it inspired me to do another 10 minute cardio workout to keep the burn going!
Great Workout! I am getting there. LOL! :0)
I love this Cardio workout I can feel it in my Gluteous medius thank you Nicole awesome.
After 3 moves in one year and my age, I found out how much fitness I have lost by doing this. Along with most of you, I really had to keep it to warm up a lot.. I used a tape measure and even trying to do the high and even low Impact, would crash on top of the tape. My balance and strength have taken nosedive from a few years back with the drama I have gone through. Will have to keep at it. Longest seconds ever! Glad for the comments of "real" people on here so that I did not feel odd man out.
Holy cow I really felt this in a good way! I have two bad knees with lack of cartilage, so I kept with more of the quick paced, little movement, so all my weight wouldn't be coming down on my knees. As long as you are constantly moving, no matter the intensity, this really gets your heart rate going.
I read one of the comments from someone who stated they stopped SP because of the food ads. That's really sad. Food is the reason we're here. You're not suppose to stop eating these foods. its all about learning moderation. They never tell you not to eat this food or that food. I don't deny myself any food. I've learned how much I should and do eat. I also have learned not to eat certain foods as often as I was. If I want to devour a pizza, I only do this every few months. Not every weekend like I use to. And I have learned I really don't need to eat the entire large, pepperoni. sausage, mushroom and extra cheese pizza. I stop at 2 slices and freeze the rest. Or at least share it with someone else.
Wow I love this video! even though its only 10 minutes long, man you really do get a nice sweat going. I had to stop a few little times, my calves were burning like the whole time especially the hopping part.
I did the stepping and that was all I could manage. Hopping and jumping? I tried them but my knees hurt badly almost immediately. I think I'll stick with walking. :(
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