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Intro to the BOSU Ball


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Wish they would include links to where you could buy a BOSU ball. Live in a very rural area and no where around here sells anything like it. The gym has one but wasn't sure how to use it, but would like to try it out at home, no one here to see how ungraceful I am!
There are videos showing how to use the bosu with specific exercises. At my gym this equipment is used all the time.
sounds fun
wish they included a link leading us to people actually using the BOSU ball. She didn't get on it; wonder why?
I've heard great things about the BOSU ball, interestingly enough the fact that it is challenging is what makes it so effective. I love any exercise/equipment that works on several muscles at once. Btw, LOVE the Meridian Tap ad at the beginning!! 'Love taps' are harmless, feel good, and free!
I am so glad I watched this today. I just wanted you to know that the bozou is one of the greatest rehabilitation exercise item there is . I had an accident playing golf about 18 months ago and the bozou has helped me improve my ankle flexibility and strengthened my leg where I can at least walk now. It is one of my favorites and you can do anything on it. Love it thank you for the reinforcement.
I don't think I have strong enough ankles.
I will give it a try.
When I was on my last ship we had one and I really like it. I like to use it for squats. But I am not sure if I was using it right. Would be great if I could see someone actually using it properly.
I don't own one. I have to look into that.
I have wanted one of these for years! Looks useful and fun!
At our gym, that thing is not used anymore, was fun for awhile, but sits in the corner and gathers dust, like so many other of these devices................
cannot get the volume to work to see the video for the bosu ball
i like the informational videos.
I just wish they wouldn't have those ads before the video.
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