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Intro to the BOSU Ball


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I would like to try it but, not buy it for me at home, maybe if I saw it a friends or at a gym and, and someone helped me with it I would try it..
I had hoped to see some demonstrations. I would rather buy a medicine ball.In my opinion these are overpriced and over rated.
It is great that someone finally made a video because I have always wondered how to properly use this but it would have been nice to see examples in the video of exercises!
Glad you did this video. I've always wondered what that strange-looking thing was and also how it got its name. Now I know. Cool. :)
This is a wonderful piece of equipment. I am 70 years old and use it for strengthing my balance. Started using it at the gym then bought one. It is great for the core muscles also.
I might try it.
Now I understand why this particular piece of equipment was always so difficult for me to use. I do have weak ankles.
Wished she would have demonstrated the ball.
I have used this piece of equipment and love it, if you really want to step up your strenght training and balance this is amazing!
would like to see exercise that I don't have to buy special equip .
for. I am 67 trying to get started with low impact and streching
How bizarre that no exercises were actually demonstrated!
Thought the apparatus I had won, was one of these and was so excited. It wasn't and had to give it away to another SP member. Will watch for one that has this name.
Sounds great.
I would end up on the floor face down if I tried that.
I thought she was actually going to get on it!
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