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Bootcamp: 10-Minute Cardio Kick Workout


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WOW-didn't realize how out of shape I was-that was a long 10 minutes for me :)
I had to split it up but I finished it.
Did it!
I had to use the modifications too, but I did it!
Great workout - Thank GOD for some of the modification moves, but nevertheless, I made it through!!!
Yay First day done thanks !
Im back.. lets see if I can stick with it... woo haa!!!
Brief, but intense workout. Feels good.
I'm going to try this!
That was a great workout - a few I couldn't - I modified

I'm going to continue with these.

Thanks Coach Nicole and SparkPeople!
Day 1 completed - Some parts were challenging for me, but I did what I could and modified - I am proud that I did not quit - Taking one day at a time!
Day 1 completed. On my way! Great exercises - a bit of everything, great instructions and helpful modifications. I swapped between actual exercises and mods. Aim to do full exercises for week 4 workouts.
Done, had to do it on a small stool as I twisted my ankle - followed as best as I could, it worked and I still got a great workout!
good work out for beginner me
This is probable only my third time leaving comments. This boot camp looks intense, but doable. I always read email from SparkPeople and now I want to get into it. Just need to move some things around in my office for more space. Have a blessed day.
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