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Bootcamp: 10-Minute Cardio Kick Workout


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That was a great, short workout!
Loved the short video. Gave me a boost during my mid-morning in the office! Absolutely a great morning break!!!
CTETMEYER - I checked with a metronome: She's going at +/-125 BPM. Go get 'em!
I enjoyed this workout with a few modifications. I'd like to play my own music along with it; how many beats per minute is Coach Nicole going at?
I did day 1 yesterday -- I definitely sweated!!
I worked up a sweat! You can definitely tailor it to your current fitness level.
Short but effective. Nice
Great first day workout it wasent that long but i could feel it as i went i am shure i will feel it later.
Great workout
This was a really cool little workout! It actually did get my heart rate up! FUN!!
Day 1 complete, ready to get back into this!!!
I love really does more than you think!
This is a great work out that eases you into it. Nice that she provided a modified version. I just finished day 1...will see how the rest goes
really enjoyed the cardio work out I am so glad to have this thank you Sparks people
I made it! Even did the squat thrust and mountain climber! I will be back to fight the dragon again tomorrow!
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