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Bootcamp: 10-Minute Cardio Kick Workout


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This is the first day of the rest of my life
day 1 completed
Finished this on Day one so yay me. Can't quick quite as high and did have to march it out a few times but this is the most I've moved in years so can't expect miracles.
This is a good start for me, I felt muscles I hadn't felt in years!
Finished day one! Plan to go back and review and do a few more times. This vid is good. Thanks!
I am proud of myself, happy zone
Day 1 is done...ready to move on Yipeeee!
Just did day l bootcamp video. I could not do the last two so I kept squatting instead but got through it. Feels really good and I hope 10 minutes will work because I have always heard that you need at least 30 minutes for it to be of any good.
OH YEAH!!! Did Day 1 of my Boot Camp!!!!!
Day 1 done wasn't going to do it actually didn't know about this but glad I found it ,, just tacked it onto my earlier cardio that I had done.
Seriously, SP, trying to do this video basically ruined my morning. Because your "preview pictures" don't match the actual videos and the titles are meaningless, it took me multiple tries to find the video I wanted. This wouldn't have taken as long if not for the fact that before each video, I had to watch a 30-second long advertisement.

I guess I'm never bothering with one of these in a time crunch again.
Day one sorta done! I couldn't do some of the climbers (really out of shape for that) but I kept moving...kind of ran around the living room to keep it going. It feels so good! And now I'm going to walk on the treadmill for the rest of the time or maybe longer.
Day 1! Done Did it! Hope I do ot again tomorow
unfortunately im not allowed to do such workouts coz i have a knee injury and im awaiting to do a surgery,,,so im not losing the weight i want coz im not working out as i should,,,
Day One...done. Dogs enjoyed watching me to exercises. :-)
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