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Bootcamp: 10-Minute Cardio Kick Workout


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Had to do a few modifications but i kept moving!!!
Just finished Boot Camp day one workout with a few modifications!
I just completed (?) day 1. I had to miss out on some due to bad knees and bad hips, but I did the best I could. I'll see how tomorrow goes with day 2.
Thanks great ideas
juststarted completed day one.... thank you!!
The modification helped, whew! The burpees kicked my butt it’s just what I needed. I look forward to going back to day one video later and seeing my improvements without modifications.
great workout
Love the workout.
Love your workouts!
I like this workout. I still can't do more than a couple of burpies, but I did what I could and kept moving the entire time.
this is great
This is a great cardio exercise. I have enjoyed this workout for the last three month. A lot of caloric burn in a short amount of time.
Hello Everyone!! I hope your day is wonderful!! great video, however I need some work
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