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Bootcamp: 9-Minute Core Workout


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This is definitely the hardest for me. But why isn't today 10 minutes when we have no cardio required. Still have to do another video to keep streak going,
That was the toughest of all for me to do
Yeah, I am finished. Week 4 Day 7 done. Walked 40 laps around the playground.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday and has a fantastic weekend tool
YEAH!!!! I made it through Week 1. Now on to Week 2 tomorrow.
Week 2 day7 and I feel great!
Week 2 day7 and I feel great!
This may seem silly, but I wanted to comment on how refreshing it is to see a fitness video where the person (Nicole) wears modest clothing. SO many videos I don't really want my husband in the room because the women wear tight and revealing clothes. Thanks for covering up! You look great, we don't need to see skin to see that!
week 4, day 7 done!

Week 3 day 7 done.
Tomorrow starts Week 4. Yeah.
Week 3, day 7 - done!

Week 3, completed.

Thanks Nicole :)
Week 2 day 7 done Yeah
Week 2, Day 7 done.
Week 1 Day 7 done. Yeah I made it through a week, now lets see if I can make it through week 2 without having to start from the beginning.
Week 1, Day 7 Done.

Week 1 Completed!
W1 D7 Done...yay:)
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