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How to Use SparkPeople's Fitness Tracker


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The following articles may be of interest to you (if the links don't work, you can search the title):
Strength Training with a Disability

There is a Spark People team called People with Disabilities

This link on Limited Mobility has a ton of different workout ideas and videos at the bottom of the page

I hope that helps!
I need help I'm in a wheelchair, does anyone have a suggestions?????????????????
I anyone else unable to set the number of days they wish to work out via the "edit fitness goal" option in the fitness tracker? The option to do this is not even listed for me.
I really like the 'new Spark,' I don't even mind the advertisements EXCEPT when ads keep covering what I'm trying to read. A couple of the ads I've even checked out.
Learned some good stuff, definitely worth watching
The Spark Tracker is fantastic! THIS is how I really get my results. It does help me to have tracker friends as I do like to keep up with them as much as possible. However, the most important person I keep up with is ME. I want to reach my personal goals and will complete 10 minutes plus at a time to get as many fitness minutes as possible. I feel so much better when I make this effort for myself.
I use the spark trackers everyday, just from this short video I learned it doesn't have to be so hard each day to add things to my list. Thanks so much for making this video & teaching me new ways of using the trackers. Just Awesome
For general info this should be a help ,
I have been using the tracker daily for over 4 years, have No complaints.
I have found it to be very accurate.
I continue to admire Spark for continuing to improve and update the site and most of all for providing an useful, most helpful FREE site.
Off to add more miles to my tracker.
Y'all have a great day.
I do not like the fact that you have to belong to some special team in order to see where you stand compared to the other activity tracker users. I thought this was a site for adults!
I agree fisher011 I wish they would not change things that worked just fine the other way around
I love the fitness tracker and food tracker. Having this ability keeps me on track and helps me keep my calorie intake on track and motivates me to workout more often. I also use the Fitbit and track my steps throughout the day. All this tracking is addictive in a good way.
Thanks Sparkpeople for all that you share:)
I was tracking on an employer provided tracker so I ran the two in tandem for a week. Spark is about 800-900 steps short every day. Too bad cuz I love the size. (the first day it had 703 steps when I went to bed and 506 for the same day when I checked in the am)
I am new...This is wonderful. :)
love that I can put in my route for my walks and bike rides on the map & it calculates the miles and calories burned
Good video, but the advertisement is almost twice as loud as your speaking voice! Is it possible to make the site's videos a bit louder overall so I don't have to max out my computer's volume to hear the good stuff?
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