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5-Minute Core Workout with Ball


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This stability ball exercise looks great but I have a problem with balance any suggestions.
I wish there was a printable version as I cannot seem to save this and my plug in keeps crashing at any case.
Looks like a great workout. I have knee and wrist issues though so it is no no for me. Also, given my general lack of coordination and balance the outcome wouldn't be pretty - although probably quite funny :).
I love saving these to my pinterest boards as well, look all way over in left hand column, you can click the pin it button there and you can also save to your my spark favorites as well.
Is there a way sparkpeople can add a "pin it" button for pinterest? I would like to be able to save these videos for later...
Is there a way to save the video's you would like to revisit & do at a later date?
I'm going to do this one later today! looks awesome!
I will try this 5 minute core work out tonight
Touched so many parts that haven't fully moved in far too long. Thank you, Coach Nicole!
I did it except the plank with the hands and the bringing the knees in was hard to do, practice practice practice!
Couldn't do it quite yet but have left on my list to try again later!
Wow it will take me a bit to get this routine rountine but I like!!
I love Spark people. I save all of these exercise routines, even though I am a gym rat. When I am bored, or take one of my infrequent days off, I pull out one of the Spark exercises. Sometimes, it's better than going to the gym. Sometimes I just want privacy, and I get it.
Helps with stretching after rotator cuff surgery, though no planks...yet!
This was an awesome short workout during my 5-minute stretch in the midst of my workday. Great way to get recharged before I go back to my computer.
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