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5-Minute Core Workout with Ball


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Looks like a great exercise, however, I cannot do it with my bad knees. I would love to be able to sit on my heels or bend my knees for certain exercises... Great video though! :)
Quite often the videos get hung up - I miss being able to print out the exercises!
Nice morning excercise to get me moving!
I love ball exercises. I can't always do some of the exercises due to the fear of losing it and either ending up on my head. I have tile floors and you can't argue with them. I've seen the damage that happens there. Most of them I can do without too much of a problem and I'm almost 63yo
nice and easy, thanks
Thank you. It was very nice ( I know how to use it now).
I second that! I need work on the plank but the rest was awesome!
Ok, gotta work on the plank one but the rest was fairly easy!
I have been using my ball for a chair in front of my computer for over two years. Now I can use it for the purpose it was intended. Thanks Spark
I pinned it to my exercise routines and other people have pinned it as well. The option to pin it would be on the left side of the article.
Great little work, I have to pump in some air in my ball it was to soft.
what size is the ball?
Enjoyed the exercise. Glad it was a short one till I get used to ball.
So that was funny! Fell forward off the ball when it was time to do the hip raise part. Glad no one was watching!
Working with stability ball helps build coordination and balance and by doing so works your core muscles. I love doing exercises with the ball and when I first started I was so unbalanced, but now much stronger.

Give it a try!
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