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5-Minute Beginner Abs Workout with Ball


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I appreciate that SparkPeople needs to make money from its site, but the leading commercials are really long. Great workouts though!
REALLY GREAT exercise for beginners. Watch out for that shoulder rotation at the end! It's a little tricky. Feel free to roll on the ball there, she is and that's the key.
Great for beginners. I will defiantly be doing this one.
This looks awesome! I'm definitely going to have to try it.
I am in desperate need of Abs workouts. I have been feeling so "flabby" lately. I love working on the ball and with this being only a 5 minute workout, it is easy to fit it into my schedule. Thanks, Nicole!
This was my first time on a stability ball. And I had a good time laughing at my self but the work out was fab I actually felt that abs work hard hope to loose 4-5 pounds this month
This video is fantastic. Is it possible to get a printable version?
Hey Nicole. Loved the stretch at the end. I've done this before, but have never seen it on a video or tutorial anywhere. Glad to know it's OK to do this. It feels great!
Nicole, I do a lot of your exercises, but I've never used a ball. I will try it. I'm 67 years young. I hope everyone has a blessed day!
Just what I was looking for, core exercises that don't require kneeling or getting on the floor. Saves my knees. It was trickier than I thought it would be. It works more than abs as you try to coordinate exercises with keeping the ball in place. Thank you.
Check for more information about fitball.
This was tougher than I thought it would be! Definitely need to work on my abs more!!
as pretty good even though could not really do much with my right arm but worked for my abs thanks
The title of the video says without the ball...
Thanks for all the ideas on how to tone those Abs!! Good job!
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