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7-Minute Upper Body Workout with Band


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Love this! Thanks!
Coach Nicole is awesome, workouts I can actually do & not hurt myself. I love how she shows how to modify it, and it is fast . Also I don't have to spend a fortune on gadgets or machines. Thanks!!
Great workout. I just need to get a lighter resistance band, using the blue now. As always Coach Nicole has the best set of workouts I've ever encountered. If possible would like some perhaps geared to folks that are far from millenials. Additional chair videos would be wonderful, as have the existing ones memorized. Great job. Coach Nicole is my all-time favorite.
Excellent! Strength training that is actually enjoyable and doesn't take a trip to the gym! Thanks for a great little workout.
Can you download the video?
Awesome! I love this exercise
Great workout! I'm definitely feeling it but don't think I'll be hurting tomorrow.
I could only do about 3 minutes worth of the exercise because the resistance band that I have is quite different from Coach Nicole's. I did the exercises where I did not have to use the band, although I did try to do some with the band.
I forgot how much you can do without going to the gym. I have stretch bands that are just collecting dust. They are ready to come out of retirement. Thanks for this very straightforward simple video.
I like the workout with weights - hate working with bands
Very good quick workout that worked all the muscles and felt good
I am just in the last stages of recovering from a shoulder accident so I did it but took it easy. Did not hurt myself and this will really be one to repeat for recovery.
It's a great arm workout and it also works the back. Love it.
Thank you Nicole,good workout!!
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