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Does Running Cause Arthritis?


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I 100% agree with the video and the research. I've listened to the warnings from non runners for over 25 years and at age 66 I'm the only one without arthritis.
Yes, if you have a joint problem to begin with, or are severely overweight, running is not the best choice, but otherwise give it a try.
Pay careful attention to shoes, stretching and stop if you feel pain.
Continual impact of ANY sort can cause distress NOW or LATER. My father in law had terribly painful hands in later life because he used impact tools extensively.
We just have to do WHAT we can, HOW we can, and AS LONG as we can and listen to what our bodies are telling us along our way.
it would be great to run`love walking
I have backed off from running because I thought it was contributing to my knee pain. It seems that a treadmill is not good for me, but running outside in the desert doesn't seem so bad. I'm happy to see that research is bearing this out a little.
I don't run but I surely like to walk. That's alot on you when you are running.
I don't run but I surely like to walk. That's alot on you when you are running.
Old injuries cause pain in later years, and that is a fact. I have a bit of arthritis in one finger and it never did anything more stressful than living and I never remember hurting it. I have read that even walking fast on cement or asphalt is much more stressful to the joints than walking on dirt, so running on those hard surfaces would be even more stressful. Also, running when one is overweight would be much more stressful, of course, than running when we are at the proper weight. I broke my big toe 2 years ago and the podiatrist told me that it was not a question of "if" but of "when" it would start to give me pain. I say, if you want to do it, do it, but be as careful as you can and hope for no injuries.
i was a fast-walker - not a runner - but i still got arthiritis along with fibromyalgia - so now i do what i can when i can. there are good seasons - and bad - BB
I seriously injured one knee when I was 14 and didn't get it fixed properly. Now decades later I have terrible arthritis and pain in that knee. Sometimes I can hardly walk but I try to keep moving. I walk a lot and have been thinking a lot of how to rev up my activity levels. Running is definitely on my mind but first I will seek out my doctor's opinion.
I've had osteoarthritis since 1975 and have a 25% disability! I started walking 5Ks in Nov 2010. Today, I'm running Half Marathons. Losing weight and training properly has got me to this point. If I'm hurting, I just start walking and I actually feel better.. As individuals, we have to find what works best for us! I have a doctor who runs and is monitoring my progress. I also have running therapists who help me train properly and prevent injury. Don't make yourself a spectator before seeking professional advice. There's a lot of myths out there that need to be realized!
I had to stop my daily running years ago due to hip pain that took about 3 months of recovery.
Of two good friends who were lifelong runners: one has had both hips replaced, the other is putting it off, but meanwhile can hardly walk.
Seems clear to me. It may not be arthritis, but running puts much more stress on joins than walking does. Slow-motion videos are pretty clear.
A 30-yr old knee injury, ankle injury, and now hip issues... running is no longer something I can participate in if I want to be able to WALK for the next 30 years or so. (I'm 51 now!)
I use to run a lot in the Army; but those days are long gone. I have started running again as a part of my much need weight loss goals; but I already have Arthritis; I hope it doesn’t make it worse.
I am so glad!
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