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How to Use Yoga Straps


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Good information
Great information - thanks
This video isn't working. I've tried 3 or 4 different ways to connect to play it. The page loads, says loading ad, then Nicole's picture shows up and then nothing happens. I want to know how to use my yoga straps that have been sitting on my shelf for years. Thanks.
I use a strap as well as blocks all the time in yoga class. They've helped me improve my form & my yoga instructor came to me last week, saying that she's noticed I'm getting stronger.
Very useful info. Thank you!
Great information!
Very good instructional. I definitely want to add one to my home fitness equipment. Thanks!

As always, a great job! Thanks!
Thank you! This was good information and you are a great teacher!
I'd never heard of these straps before. Very informative.
thanks for the videos they are helpful informative and like the extra the extra things you say
Recently bought some. My flexibility instructor put forth a challenge to try to do a split in a year. The strap helps without hurting.
Can you remind users to wrap the strap around the balls of their feet rather than the arches? I`ve heard that straps on your arches can contribute to plantar faschia(?).
Thank u
Great Video, love to use the belt for my stretches.
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