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How to Release Your IT Band with a Foam Roller


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Please print instructions or subtitle - the computer I view this on at work has no speakers
How do we print off the instructions? I haven't seen where they are written out. TY!
I have used the foam roamer exercise for the IT band. It is quite painful. don't put your full weight on the roller. you'll thank me later. ...for now; your welcome!
I'm going to buy a foam roller today and try this. I've had IT band issues in the past & it's something I'm mindful to stretch as much as possible. Unfortunately, there's not too many stretches I've seen out there (1) for the IT band, so this adds some nice variety for me. Thanks!
Thanks - got a foam roller for Christmas & I think this will be a good excercise for my lower back pain.
This was VERY helpful, Nicole. Thank you!
Good info!
This TOTALLY works.

I ran for the first time several weeks ago ... and the next day my right knee was hurting. I iced it because I thought my injury was with the knee itself.

However, when I went to the gym, my cycle instructor saw me rubbing my knee and talked to me about it...she said it might be the IT Band ... and showed me the foam roller exercise.

It was like magic ... the knee pain went away! I do this all the time now.
I got my foam roller at Walmart. This exercise hurts like H-E double hockey sticks. I appreciate the video because now I think I'm rolling too slow. I've had this issue for years and it affects walking and running. When I'm walking the IT band snaps over the hip bone when I bring my foot forward and "clicks." When I run, it makes my knee feel like it's going to give out. I was amazed that the same tendon can cause both of these problems! I've also heard it described that stretching the IT band is like trying to stretch a leather belt. No wonder this exercise hurts!
OMG! Can't wait to try this. First time I've felt a need to have a foam roller.
Great video. Thanks
I love this! but what size roller should be used for this??
I got my roller at kinetic kinection
This exercise has changed my life. I first saw the video by coach Nicole and asked around if anyone had success with it. One person wrote back and said just do it. Well the difference in my pain has been night and day. As a matter of fact I have printed off instru tions for this and gave it to 3 different people now. AMAZING. Thanks for putting it up here .
My physical therapist instructed me to perform these exercises to help with lower back pain. They has been very helpful with my therapy. I roll my IT bands every night and my back (which feels awesome!). Make sure to start with a white foam roll as different colors provide harder resistance. The black roller is VERY hard and would be very painful for a beginner. Complete these exercises for as long as you can each day and you will notice less pain over time, promise!
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