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How to Release Your IT Band with a Foam Roller


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This was incredibly informative! I'm so eager to give this a try! My only question is where can I find a Foam Roller, and will they support bigger people? I don't want to flatten the thing! LOL
The foam rollers are different densities (softness) depending on color. I started with a rock hard roller and hated it. My PT sold me a softer roller (said they weren't available in sporting goods stores - I don't know) and I loved it. No need to torture yourself. Some people like the hard ones. Go with your personal preference.
I now have figured out why I have leg pain down to my knee. It can be in either of my legs. Does anyone know the type of foam roller that is best to get? Do I have to go to a doctor to get one? One person posted a comment that there is a difference in rollers according to colors. Is that true?
I'm just starting to get back into exercise and this will certainly help!
Great instructions on how to use roller. Needed that info.
For those of you that suffer from this, try the pigeon pose from yoga. I recently saw someone recommend it in the comments of a running website article on the same topic and they were so right, it brings relief. My IT band is so tight, and has been for years, that I can't roll it all the way to the knee - it's like the band snaps over bone or something towards my knee and it hurts so bad it's unbearable. I'm hoping stretches like the pigeon pose will finally allow me to use the foam roller to work out the rest.
I went over a year with leg pain at night and my sleep was interrupted around 3am every night. I was working out with a trainer and no one, not even my chiro or Dr. knew what was causing it. I found a hard knot on my outer thigh area in a bath one night and it was very painful to the touch. I researched online and found we have trigger points and they recommended a foam roller to help with constriction. I use one every night before going to bed and I sleep like a baby!! So glad Nicolle is sharing this with everyone as I know the roller saved me!
Thank you for this, Nicole. I have a great deal of trouble with my IT band. I have fibromyalgia as well as low back issues and I haven't found a great way to release the pain of the IT band besides massage therapy. I am going to go out today and purchase a foam roller. :)
When I began my strength training class in March, I developed discomfort soon after training. My instructor introduced me to this roller and oh my OWE....that really hurt, but was a teller about that band. I don't have the pain like I did. BUT still use the roller once in awhile.
Does this foam roller work with extremely heavy people? Just asking because I can see that foam roller sinking in the center when I get on it and then it won't roll because I'm too heavy.

Otherwise I will definitely try.
I’ve been struggling with knee pain for the past month. I’m going to try this foam roller.
This has always been extremely painful for me to do, but I do it occasionally.
I have been running intervals for a year or so now, we are doing a half marathon in two weeks. Two weeks ago I started with pretty bad knee pain in my right knee. I am using the foam roller and hoping this helps. I have been using one before watching the video so am hopeful this is going to help correct this issue.
Nicole' That was good information. I did not realize there were differences in foam rollers related to the color. That IT band is painful, but the rollar is releasing the tightness. Thanks
This actually felt good on both sides of my hip!
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