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11-Minute Chair Cardio Workout


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I tried this, could not keep up with her, but did the best I could. After doing it as much as I could clicked and I got my points, and I clicked for the next box and after I did that, I thought "You didn't do all of it, so now what should I do.
Is it best to do every day or every other day? Or 3 days, Mon. Wed. Fri.?
I am really out of shape cuz I got winded, but good. Will stay with it and hope for progress. I'm at least 90# overweight and 83 years old, so it will take a lot of time, but I'll try. appreciate suggestions for reaching success. Thanks, God bless you all.
I have cardiac problems so I cannot gear up the intensity as she suggests but I can complete this entire video and who knows, maybe after doing this everday I will be able to increase the intensity.
It gives you a good workout. I would really enjoy seeing more of this type but a longer session.. :D
My first real attempt at exercise in 20+ years and it froze twice; unable to finish workout...really like it, can it be fixed?
Unfortunately, I tried this one three times, and it froze at the same point every time. Unfortunate, because I was enjoying it. :-(
Love this! Perfect to do when I can't get to the gym. Thank-You!
I absolutely loved this! No more excuse for this office girl!! Thank You!!!
never knew you could work and breathe so hard just sitting in a chair. this video is definitely a keeper.
I think I could do this

Like this I have a hip problem and was able to do this!! You Should add to the cardio app on the iPad so I can track it
This really is easy to do but eleven minutes will need to be worked up to for me right now.
This is great to do at work on my lunch break. I wish I would have had this video when I broke my leg a little while back. Awesome!
Wow,had know idea how out of breathe you could get in a seated position..Liked this a lot was really slowing down at the 9 min. mark,also did 9 min. seated upper body prior to this one!!
This was AWESOME! I have a foot issue right now that is not allowing me to do cardio. It's been driving me NUTS! This was PERFECT! I can do this several Xs/day & feel like I'm actually doing something. thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU, Nicole!
I loved this work out. I can do it at my desk. I'm new to working out and these videos are great.
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