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11-Minute Chair Cardio Workout


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I love this routine! I feels like it really makes a difference unlike other seated routines I've done elsewhere.
I've been doing various seated workouts with Coach Nicole for several months now. Not every day, but several times a week. It makes a difference! I have more endurance and am gradually getting stronger. Gives a booast to my confidence, too.
Enjoyed this workout. For a seated workout it actually felt like I was doing cardio. Thanks.
tHIS is now part of my morning routine, along with your other seated workouts. Thanks, Coach Nicole and SparkPeople, for being aware of those with special needs.
Perfect for that coffee break at the office!
First time to try a SP video and glad I did. I've been mostly riding my exercise bike, but this video got me working muscles I obviously haven't been working. I couldn't find an armless chair quickly, so I ended up doing it standing. Was able to do all while standing except for anything with a hop--like the boxing and jumping jacks.
Works ok, but it highlighted how little coordination I've got. Can't really do the legs and arms together without getting mixed up!
Good place to start. Love the workout part of my everyday workout
Good cardio! I'm breathing harder and sweating. Didn't realize you could get the heart rate up so well in a chair!
Love it! Decided to burn some quick calories before dinner by doing these exercises on my stability ball.
Pleasant work out, try it yourself.
I'm just starting out. I couldn't keep up. I am way out of shape. I use to walk a 5K. Oh Lord help me!
I can still do this even though I can't work with the arms because of shoulder problems but I do modify my moves. Thanks.
Thanks a lot Nicole! This was so much fun - the funnest seated exercise I've ever had!
Amazing how effective this is for increasing heart rate!
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