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12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout


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Click the "track calories burned" button. The number will show up in your tracker.
How many calories are burned in this workout? I wish the video description would include that information. :)
I guess there wasn't a cool down because at the end of part of the exercise it asked if we wanted to buy the DVD's.
It quit before the cool down which is beneficial.
It stalled after the initial ad played, but I refreshed the page and had no trouble after that. I have some joint limitations but think I can do most of these exercises, modifying some.
will not download to play
Great video! This is my go-to cardio workout. I agree the excerpt cuts out the cool-down and would be VERY beneficial to have as cooling down is as important, if not more, than warming up. Thank you for listening SP!
Great workout. I think twenty min would be better. thanks
I enjoyed the workout but the excerpt on the DVD meant that the workout ended really abruptly. Please could you show the warm down as well as the warm up
Me either...that's two different videos two days in a row...frustrating!
I could not get this to play either.
Couldn't get it to play; played the ad first just fine, and then stopped. Maybe something in the firefox update my computer just did.
I love this one. Although I am obese I can still do this (with a little less vigor) but even someone complaining about less available time could stick this in a couple of times a day.
Thanks for the morning pick me up!
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