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12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout


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I love it! Kind of like Zumba! I was able to keep up and follow the steps easily
I made it thru most of the video. That really surprised me.
If I were in my 30's this video would be great! See what everyone is saying about the end of video. Wish this video was for a senior just starting out. I did not see her sweat.
I think it is a great professionnaly made video! It's a demo or a 12 min cut from a workout video. I read comments about missing this and that. You guys can just add a cool down period on your own. But please, keep in mind we all have this for free and we ought to be grateful!
very square..those moves are from the 70's .
They cannot put the calories burned by this workout because it depends on the individual. That skinny woman is burning 3 calories, but if I did the same workout, being nearly 25 stone, I would burn about 500!
Video ended rather abruptly
This leader is too skinny for me to take seriously. She looks as though she may have an eating disorder. We're on this site to lose weight; how about some realistically-sized, healthy-looking instructors?
This video was fun and reminded me how uncoordinated I am. However, this video is irresponsibly edited as there is no cool down. SparkPeople emphasizes the cool down on their own videos so why not this one. Not cooling down and lead to fainting and an irregular heartbeat, among other things. Please reedit to include the cool down.
It's a good thing I'm doing this in the privacy of my home/office... if I was doing this in a group I would have caused a massive pile-up. Apparently I am quite uncoordinated - lol

I wish there was a cool down involved as well, I'm not versed enough on proper warm up, cool down and stretching... but I tried to do my best.
This 12 minutes Low inpact Cardo workout is very good,I really enjoy it, very good exercise
I wish they would show the compete workout it seems to end prematurely.
No cool down?!! There should be a cool down session, not just stop!
I love this video because I can keep moving to it even if I cannot keep up.
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