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12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout


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Love this video. A great way to get at least a 10 minute workout in. After a couple times doing it you get the routine down.
This video is not for beginners. There are too many changes and no cool down at the end.
Not a great workout, not well edited and not much fun.
Bollywood and jump start are much much much better.
The reason it cuts off is to get you to buy the video for 24.95...:( that's why....I loved the video but
Lots of fun and easy to follow! I'll use this one again!
I agree with CathGreen8. Video ended abruptly (on only one side of movement), no cool-down, no stretching. Now I have to find a stretching video. Sure, I'll try to track the stretching, but would be much more convenient (& healthier fitness-wise) to have it in the same video I was working out with. Thanks for listening, SP.
Why did it cut off so abruptly, no cool down, no stretch? Surprised, Spark is usually good about this.
So I just tried out my first video on the sparkspeople website. :) I think I'm going to be using these videos a lot more!
Definitely makes you sweat, and you don't have to do overly much with this workout. I like it and think that others should give it a try. :)
This was a good workout. Today is actually my first time trying out the Sparkpeople workout videos and I have to admit that I SURPRISED very happy with how my body is feeling. I previously was a member found out about Sparkpeople in 2008 but to be honest I never took advantage of any of the tools. All I did was track my food and well feel guilty for watching how I constantly went over my recommended calorie intake. I registered again yesterday but this time with the desire to be very involved. And I'm feeling the satisfaction of my new decision to give it all I got. NO EXCUSES.
Love this workout, it's a lot of fun and safe enough for me to do. Little sucky that it cuts off at the end, but I finished the routine anyway.
This is a good video, though it seems to cut off the very end of the segment. I just finished the 2nd half of the routine she was in the middle of, since you are repeating a pattern.
She was easy to follow, called the moves well, and was motivating. The routine is basic enough that I was able to get the hang of it, and that says something!
Love it !! I make time for getting my heart rate slowed down, and a few stretches. May start doing that after the video rather than during it. Thanks for the fun work out.
Wow again. I begin slowing down towards the end to get my heart rate down. Great video. Thanks bunches!!!
Great work out!!
Fun! Fun! Fun!
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