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12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout


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why cant i see the video? all i get to see is a black space :(
I really liked this workout.. I was sweating, and starting to have a lot of fun, and then bam its over mid statement... and no warning or cooldown!!!! So sad!!!! But lots a fun!
that was so much fun , if i wernt knackered out , i would do it again .
This was a great workout but isn't in the fitness tracker!! It also stinks that it stopped right in the middle to get you to buy the DVD.
Enjoyed this video,was a good 12 minute work out.
fab workout but shame about the abrupt end - can a cooldown be added please?
I did half of it so I could learn the routines. I will add this to my exercise program. Great warm up and cardio.
Lovvvved this one.
That second half was evil and I know I wasn't doing any of it right. At least I burned something, but I wanted to hit her by the end of it! XD

I wish it didn't stop so are important!
LOVED this workout!
I spent so much time trying to get this video to play properly that by the time I got it to work my son was awake and I couldn't do the work out!
perfect for getting moving again,they must have fixed the problems because it worked fine for me.Thanks spark.I love these short videos! I have no excuse for not fitting in a workout!
It was hard but I can do it . Im just beginning again . I would like to do this everyday for A while
Loved the video. Hated how it stopped right in the middle of a big move.. couldn't have wait 30 seconds till she changed to her next set?
getting back into exercising, this one is great!
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