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12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout


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Would have like a cool down instead of stopping abruptly. I did like the workout though.
It kept stopping about every 5 seconds. I really like it though just wish it would keep playing. Can spark people please re post this in a better way? I see I am not the only one that had this problem.
Good start but it does end abruptly. Sparkpeople - put a "WARNING" label on this one to ensure viewers know it is just a "teaser" and to cool down. Stopping at a high heart rate is dangerous!
Did not play for me.
Just what I needed, thanks! I've been looking for a short, low impact cardio workout..
It's short, but oh my god, if you haven't exercised in ages, it hurts.
ok finally worked. Looks good
nothing played
played good, will have to try it!
the ad is over nothing plays :( just when I got motivated to do something
Not playing for me.
What is the name of the ey ey ey song? Who sings this?
First one I haven't been able to get to play.
I like!
Not working for me either
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