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12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout


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Great video
Video did not work
She looks like Claire Dunphy; I keep waiting for Phil to walk into the shot :-)

I will definitely give this a try.
Ay yi yi! I loved this!
love this cardio video
Will not load.
Video didn't work.
When I saw you I fell in love,
and you smiled because you knew.
- William Shakespeare

Go, go cardio!
Not bad. It was ok for me. I'm not a big fan of cardio but I do get mine in.
No matter what you think, no matter how you feel, the truth is you CAN do this.
I'm glad you started. This is similar to a cardio dance strength training class I take at our local Y. Keep at it and soon you will be exercising through the whole work out. Blessings.
first attempt at exercise. Made 3 1/2 minutes and had to quit. Will continue and watch more improvement and endurance. At least I got started!
I think that this video is fun and invigorating. I will definitely incorporate it into my exercises.
This video has so much promise. Why would stop it in the middle of a workout????
I'm getting discouraged with tt
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