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18-Minute Boot Camp Cardio Sculpt


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why these videos doesn't downloaded is there any link to download these videos?????????????
This video has not worked in a week. Any suggestions are appreciated.
It works in Firefox, but not in Google Chrome.
Still not working.
This video is not working.
Had a great workout again..
Often this video doesn't work after the ad is over
Whew! That felt so good and the time frame was perfect, Difinently no room for EXcuses....March on, March....Summer here I come!
Thanks for that workout. I don't sweat easily but this had me sweating and panting for breath (due to being out of shape). Plan to do it daily and like that it had no jumping jacks or complicated moves.
good workout
good workout for day 5 week 3 I am very proud of myself for sticking to this routine.
Video seems to be down tonight.
this video went all the way through this time and I am so proud that I finished it yayyy me!!!
Good workout..
I was into it and it cut me off in the middle so I will just try another one
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