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18-Minute Boot Camp Cardio Sculpt


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I watched part of this workout at work and wanted to join in with them but I will definitely do it tomorrow.
yeah music with this workout! It looks like fun! Think I'll do it tomorrow!
I was unable to do the floor exercises.
I was able to do some of this one
I did it but I simplified a lot I am not ready to do floor work yet
was a good work out even though i really could not do to much of leaning on the knees and tried real hard for my shoulders nut did not push my self but i did it
I was sweating after the short warm up! Good workout - I like that I can do the modified version and look forward to doing the hard stuff someday soon.
Great workout! I marked it as one of my favourites. I like that it is not as short as most of others and it combines cardio and toning. Thumbs up! :)
I like this video had a great work out. I will keep it as one of my favorite for cardio day
Great workout! Really enjoyed it!
This was a great workout ,the sweat is pouring out of me , we need more like this thanks.
(P. S. the ads work perfectly...keep getting the same 2.)
Okay - I finally got this video to work, and I was really enjoying the workout. Got about halfway through and I had to pause it. Then it wouldn't load and now it's still not loading. Does anyone tech-savvy know what I am doing wrong?
Great short workout I had no trouble viewing this video.
Getting back into a fitness routine and this was a great work-out!
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