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18-Minute Boot Camp Cardio Sculpt


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This was a great morning workout to do before you start your day.
This is a little more challenging for me since I still have a hard time with lunges and planks but I'll definitely be doing this at least weekly to add a fun variety.
Great workout! Ended up working out a little longer.
nice paced video . Good workout
The mat exercises were very difficult for me - Hopefully, I will be able to work up to that level!
Loved the work out thank you!
Thanks for the just-right morning workout wake-up! Love the combinations of cardio blasts and light weights. :)
Great cardio workout!
I did break a sweat but I have problems with my wrists and I cannot do some of the floor exercises.
This video is good for any exercise level. It will make you break a sweat, especially if you are completing the advanced modifications. I enjoyed it.
great work out for beginners.
"That's the end of our warm up" ... ROFL #60+
I find it a bit. It difficult. Need to do it every day. I am 79yr old.
Just remember tomorrow never comes.
I did this workout this morning! Love it! My balance needs practice.
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