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2 Moves for a Better Butt


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Good Tips! Will have to do these more often!
Your butt is already perfect! ;)
Easy & quick!
Great tips.
I am going to do this and I pray I can continue with this. Have a great day everyone
can manage the standing up on but struggled with the one on my knees but will keep trying
thank you sooooooooooooo much. i can do these...........i love it............lynn
when do you inhale and exhale?
Thanks for those tips!
I do very modified lunges (due to knee issues) and these donkey kicks are definately an old favorite!!
While I cannot do the lunges (no cartiledge in both knees), I sure can do the second one!
I make sure I save it and share it this time. I felt it in my legs. Thanks Coach
I agree with some of the other wounded warriors: I can't get down on my knees or get back up once I do. Both my knees and ankles have been injured, but I can walk and sometimes Boogie while standing. I'd also like some ball exercises to use under these conditions.

Let's get with it! :D

I can't do either of these. I think bicycling helps the derriere as do gluteal squeezes. A lot of people have to be careful with their knees due to previous injury or surgery. Alternatives to the exercises in the video would be great.
I can do the second of these but the lunges kill my one knee. Should I just do the lunge on the good knee of just double up on the second exercise I can do?
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