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2 Moves for a Better Butt


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Thank you! Easy and easy to remember!
These are great exercises. I am in my 50's, and until a few months ago, I would have sworn I could NEVER do lunges or my knees would kill me! However, if you are a beginner, you don't have to lunge as low as Coach Nicole in the video! Do them slowly, use proper form (never let your front knee go past your toes!) and lunge as far as you can. If you continue doing this regularly, your quads and glute muscles will get stronger, and their support will protect your knees. Strong muscles are the best way to protect ALL joints!
Cannot do the lunges as knees would give way but the leg lifts are ok
I agree these are simple and nothing new moves. I think that is exactly the point (at least for me). I just need the reminder to do them. Thank you! :)
Nice short video but these are nothing new; I've been doing these exercises for over 25 years.
I like these short and simple.
Simple enough. I can do this.
Definitely going to have to incorporate those two exercises into my routine. Look simple enough.
standing and doing the knee bend really is bothering my knees but will try a few the other exercise I can do better.
Love these! Will add them to my work outs. Thanks Nicole.
Thanks! Nicole: Will add to my exercise plan. I am doing them now.
Be Bless!
I like this, I think I will try them.
thanks Nicole
If you can't get down on the ground, the second move (fire hydrant) can be done standing, too. And if you want to lift your butt, try curtsey lunges!
Will have to try that workout when I get home from work :)
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