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2 Moves for a Better Butt


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I cannot do these. I had a flubbed total knee done, and the other knee has bone on bone and it really makes it hurt! Sooo unfortunately these are all out!
Having back issues and a bad knee, I do these exercises but make sure my abs are tight to support my back. If my knee is hurting, I don't lunge or squat as low as I would on good days.
I too would like to know modifications for those with bad knees and/or bad back. Thanks
What's a modification that we can do for the lunges if we have bad knees?
These are such good exercises, remember them from the 1950's Jack LaLanne tv show. Didn't change my life though, lol.
What are doing doing to access the video? When I click on, nothing happens. Need help! Thanks!
I am going to add these exercises to my list of to do's faithfully.
Simple and easy to do anytime of the day! Gotta try them!
Using a low footstool or something similar and putting your elbows and forearms on it would allow you to do the 2nd exercise yet still keep weight off your hands.
THe first exercise I was able to do but the second one required your hand holding you up on the floor. Due to surgery etc I can't put pressure on my right hand Any way of doing it standing up?
Great video, very well done!
I love all the different exercise videos Sparkspeople have it is an easy way to remind me to exercise every day.
Best thing about spark people for me is all these reminders to get my butt off the couch, love it! As well as reminders of different exercises that forget about and are great to do when I feel the need for variation.
For some of us, these Still won't give us a "better butt", but maybe find us a boyfriend? wink wink
don't forget to pulse 10 times at the end of each set on bot sides.
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