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The Best Desk Stretches


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I can definitely see myself incorporating these moves in my day. I'm a secretary and I'm always trying to find ways to keep moving.
I love these stretches for the chair/desktime. Feels sooooo good!!!
I really need these - so I have put on my calendar at noon and appointment with myself to make sure I do them. Thanks for sharing.
I need help with my hips. They get really, really sore sitting in a chair all day.
these stretches are so easy but because of rotator problems on both shoulders I can't even do them/
These exercises are great and relaxing!! Really helps with my posture!!
Good ideas for people who are not mobile on their feet.
Short, sweet and easy.
Now, I just need to remember to do this throughout the day.
Anyone have any suggestions as to how to remember to stop and stretch?
Feeling energized! I need to remember to do these throughout the day.
Love stretches...great that you can do it almost anywhere.
Really nice stretches after a long day. I heard things POP!!! : )))
Great stretches...easy to equipment...just a chair at your desk. Thank you Coach Nicle.
Nice - quick and easy stretches to do at your desk.....
These exercises are great. This will help with me just sitting at my desk all day!
Hi Nicole, Irene I've had two knee replacements & I can't either! I can stand, but I can't get on the floor. Have a Thankful & Blessed Thursday! lyl!
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