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16-Minute Bollywood Cardio Workout


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Loved this! Always love to learn new moves and choreography. I thought it was easy to follow and a lot of fun. I am dripping in 16 minutes! I can make time for this. Thanks!!!
I would have loved this 'back in the day' a little too much for my back and knees at this point.
This was lots of fun and a good workout, and I don't mind the hopping, but I feel like a total klutz! I had difficulty keeping up with which move I was supposed to be doing.I don't look very graceful doing it, but at least it's a good workout!
omg i did it, had to modify some but looking forward to getting better :)
way to much jumping and hopping for this 67 year old grandmother.
i did this video a couple days ago it was hard but i did it i modified moves but kept moving the whole time!
This was a lot of fun! And got my heart rate up even though I modified a little to make it lower impact. The cuing was a little off at times but I just kept moving & didn't worry about it. This one is a keeper, & I will be looking for DVDs from Hemalaya, too.
Good sweat, but WORST narration EVER!!!
Loved the sweat produced from this workout, must do this again!
that was amazing and hard. I could not do the bouncing but I kept moving.
I like this! :)
I like the music, I would want a CD to play it in my house when I clean up or when I work out.
Doing a study abroad in India and part of my research project is to teach an indian dance so this was great, but yes the cues were a little off and not so helpful
Mm, this workout always manages to wear me out. Especially the inner thighs.
Am usually out of breathe midway through the video.
This will be one of my new goals. I doubt if I can every do it in it's entirety but it sure is something to aim for. I looks like they are having a lot of fun! Edna
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