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16-Minute Bollywood Cardio Workout


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I will love bollywood cardio. I have to make some adjustments do to my prosthetic leg.
I love the bollywood video.i used to do one on tvbut could not find anymore.i am so glad i can to th BW fitness here.
The dancers were off beat with the music. Thumbs down.
This is a fantastic and fun workout! I can't get through all of it yet. But I WILL get there!
Way too complicated for me. Too bad.
Fun! Watch the lady in green to help u keep up.
difficult to follow. Instructions seem to be behind.
I tried to do this as best I could. My knees hurt so I cant do alot of jumping. It was fun except the jumping part.
Belly Dancing Dog --- Fabulous !!!...)))
video sucked - person calling moves not in synch or in enough time to be ready/prepared for the move
his is my first day working out! Wish me luck..
boy I'm out of shape! Sweating my butt off doing it (as best as I could)
This was a good one except for a few minor adjustments to keep up with them :) Will do it again ~ Fun!
awesome workout if only I could keep u LOL!!! I had fun with it and will do it again Thanks...
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