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Today, I'm Nearly Half My Size!


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thank you
You inspire me. Thank you.
You look great thanks for the encouragement.
That journey to time, you look awesome.
Wow! What an inspiration! rock!
Fantastic. One of the most well-done and inspiring blogs I've read. Clongratlulations on winning!
Congrats you must be feeling great!
Wow, you are so impressive!! I'm so happy for you and I feel just exactly as you felt in the beginning!!
Thanks for sharing! Awesome!
Thank you for sharing your story.
Thanks for the inspirational video. It helps to keep me motivated.
You are awesome not only because you look great but because you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, I need to follow practice this goal myself. thank you.
Awesome video! And you are awesome also! So there is hope for me also! I've lost 40 lbs., but I need to lose 40 more lbs. It's been a struggle, but I'll get there! I hope everyone has a Marvelous & Blessed Monday!
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