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We Lost 140 Pounds Together as Husband and Wife


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Thank you so much - what an inspiration to us all!

Thank you both so much for sharing you stories. I understand the want and the need to become fit and healthy; I started my program in October of 2014 and I already feel so much better. I can't wait to see my doctors at the end of this year to hear what they have to say. This inspirational videos and stories really have helped me stay focused and on track, I look forward to them everyday. The support I feel from this site is overwhelming and also is a huge part of my day. Thank you

thank you for sharing your journey with me, it was an inspiration...YOU BOTH are an inspiration! Best to your family.
You are both the best. I truly miss chatting with you both on Spark Coach. Your incites, stories and spot on comments are some of the most helpful tools. Thanks for all you do for Spark and those of us who follow you.
Both of you are quite an inspiration. I needed your "spark" today, since I really screwed up the day after Christmas. I was so "good" yesterday, but today was a catastrophe! I couldn't stop eating. Your story has encouraged me to put my best foot forward, starting now, and not dwell on my weak choices today. I've come a long way losing over 80 pounds, and I need to get back on track immediately before I start a spiral down the wrong path. Thank you for sharing your life choices for a healthy future. Happy New Year! Happy new healthy life!!
What an amazing story!
You are certainly an inspiration to others! So glad that you shared your journey. There is hope for all of us. Thank you.
Awesome story.....Congratulations!!!
what a wonderful and inspirational story you two have
You are so inspirational. I love that you shared your story with all of us!!! Thank you and way to go!!!!
Wow! Congratulations! You both look wonderful! :)
What an amazing story and journey. You have worked to insure that you will have many more years together because of your determination and accomplishments. I'm sure it's not over, either. You ARE the healthy lifestyle you chose.
So inspiring!! WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome job very inspirational!
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