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15-Minute Desk Workout


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what do you do if you're in a wheelchair and can't stand?
Recovering from elbow replacement, this was not a good video for me. COuldn't do these for various reasons.
Tried, but couldn't load it in my Kindle.
Video is not loading - getting stuck trying to load the ad....
Going to space these out during the day doing on at a time to help with sitting at my desk.
I absolutely love this workout! Thanks Nicole!!
Please, Nicole!
I would LOVE a 15 minute Desk workout like this that I could do in my business attire (skirt or dress with heels). I eat and work through lunch time. I do have moments when I can take my shoes off, but I need to be able to slide back into them at any moment.
Hi Nicole, can I make a suggestion?

Can you do a video like this in business clothes instead of fitness clothes? I want to show it to my mum, but she'd be put off by the fitness clothes and think she couldn't do it.

I used to get upset as the videos on here would load in starts and stops, now, it's great, I just know that while I'm waiting for the next part of the upload, I just do more reps. I end up getting it in twice that way. :) Thanks...Surprised...actually perspiring after this...used some muscles in ways I haven't in a long time..and they needed it! pop pop pop...yay!!!
great exercises when you can't leave the house
Have troublesome knee lately but found these exercises to be great!!! (just couldn't do the lunges) Excellent on a rainy day!
Now will follow up with qi gong video.
Thanks, Nicole
Holy Moly! My back muscles are now going into spasm!!!! Little twitches on each side of my back, I have no control over them! Feels a bit weird! But the workout was great!
Great workout
Good workout--not big on squats. I had to breakup the exercises in 1o-minute intervals.
Coach Nicole, you are a beast!
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