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15-Minute Desk Workout


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Loved this!
This is GREAT! So easy to do every day. And it really helps to come back from a tense period at the desk!
Great work out. Thanks
Great office workout. I used 15 min during my lunch break. Modified the knee bend on the chair as my knees are bad and just kept them straight. Was not able to do the ab workout, lifing both feet, so I modified and lifted one at a time and still felt it! Thank you!!! I get so easily bored working out doing the same thing over and over again. Keep the different workouts coming!
I can do some of the exercises and some I can't. I do the ones I can and do some forms of the others.
This is a great workout! Loving Coach Nicole!! She is very helpful, explains how to tone things down if you need to, and she's not in your face! She is an encourager if I ever met one! Nicole makes it fun to come to a workout routine and see what we've got for today! Thanks Coach Nicole!! :)
A good workout for me. However, I nixed the first chair exercise as I was too afraid of falling. I will be back for more, thanks!
Thank god for Coach Nicole. Her dedication to fitness is life changing!
I have arthritis through out my body, degenerative disc disesase,and have had 13 surguries due to nerve damage, bone spurs whitch include my ankles {achilles tendion erea) elbows back so are there ways these can be modified a little more so I can do them?
I thought this video would be easy. NOOOOO on those squats and lunges. Improvised to make it easier on my quads and knees BUT it was GREAT feeling those muscles burning and working. Looking forward to doing this again and gain strength in my leg muscles. Thanks!
I am also a senior and considerably older than the instructor so that may be the reason for my difficulty. I will try another workout tomorrow and hopefully be more successful at that.
This video workout is too difficult for me and I am used to doing a 2 mile power walk video with bursts. It is too difficult for my joints and lower back.
Can I download this video ,if yes how ?
The fifteen minute desk workout with coach Nichole,has been one of my favorites for a long time. When I need some extra exercise in the evening and can't decide what to do I do this workout one or two times. It makes me feel very nice. Thanks Coach Nichole!
I like this workout. I can do this at work if I'm short on time.
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