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15-Minute Desk Workout


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Wow....perfect way to start my workday! How can I add this to my tracker?
Great way to take a work break and accomplish something at the same time.
Great workout to start off with, for this couch tater!
This looked easy to me so I was surprised to find that I was breaking a sweat. Yea for whoever invented something that can be done at work on a break.
Oh my gosh. Day One..first 15 min desk work out....being 65 and 5'4" and 170 I had difficulty doing many of the activities to the max intensity. I am starting where I am and will be better in 8 weeks!!! I know I can
Excellent! I'm nearly 69 and was able to do it all, felt pleasantly warmed and stretched by the end!
So sad that I have let my body get into such a shape that I couldn't keep up with this video. I can't wait to make that change!
Yeah! I hung this up in my office! Great way to get through the middle of the day!
Great work out for work from home warriors!
I'm with you ChristyV57. I'm also a 69 year old woman and this exercise was too strenuous for me! I did some of each part, but couldn't complete most of the exercises. I thin people our age have different exercise needs than people who have accumulated fewer years! Seriously.
Iluv this video, it has helped me loads.
As a 69 year old who is just beginning these types of workouts, this did not feel like a "Beginner." If I not been going to Curves since January 2012 I could never have kept up with this.
Love it! Thank you!
awesome, thank you
I feel so proud of my self, for participate ...thank you for all your help.
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