Make your next workout more fun with a new fitness mix from Yes! Fitness Music and, the web’s most popular healthy living website.

All these hit songs were hand-picked by our members, then remixed to the perfect tempo for working out!

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Designed to help you work out at the right pace during cardio. Purchase includes printable booklet* with cardio tips, plus a workout designed by Coach Nicole that can be used with any cardio machine in the gym!


The perfect walking companion, every song in this workout mix is set to the ideal pace for brisk walking! Purchase includes a printable booklet* with walking tips and a walking workout that syncs perfectly with the music.


This mix alternates between fast paced songs and slower paced songs for the perfect interval workout. Purchase includes a printable booklet* with interval training tips and an interval workout from Coach Nicole.


Listen to these uplifting songs when you need to find your motivation or when you need a boost during your workouts. Purchase includes a printable booklet* with motivation tips and inspirational quotations.


Full of get-up-and go songs that are fast paced and fun! When you listen to it, you won't be able to sit still! Purchase includes a printable booklet* with motivational tips and inspirational quotations.


*Printable booklet is only available for purchases made from iTunes.