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10 Breast Cancer Myths, Busted

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XNANNY 7/7/2017 9:52:15 PM
8/10 not too bad as I never studied this subject!
CHRIS3874 7/19/2016 10:17:25 PM
The question about electromagnetic fields is WRONG. I used to work for a telecom company in Canada and the union sent out a notice that we were at risk of contracting MALE "breast" cancer due to the fact that we worked in an industry with a high exposure to EMF.
KAHANGI 12/12/2015 2:49:00 AM
5/10. Wow, I really knew little
MADEINBRITAIN 9/26/2014 6:21:43 AM
6/10 - thought I knew more!
PASTORMARDO 3/11/2014 3:40:36 PM
good info but it was hard to determine if an answer was "inconclusive" or false because data and research can change these.
HGOTLOVE 11/18/2013 11:30:27 PM
I had no idea how much I didn't know about breast cancer.
HUSKEYSJ 7/14/2013 11:45:12 PM
7/10 I agree with PYRATEWENCH2. I am a breast cancer survivor and some of the answers conflicted with what my oncologist has told me over the past 11 years. There are different types of breast cancer and the type I had reacted to estrogen and progesterone. My doctor told me to steer clear of soy estrogen products because they could increase the risk for my cancer returning.
DLBROWN93 6/21/2013 1:33:51 PM
10 Breast Cancer Myths, Busted SparkPeople Health & Wellness Quiz
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SUNSET09 6/17/2013 2:09:54 AM
7/10 and should have done better. It's all a learning opportunity!
TRYINGHARD54 6/15/2013 6:36:51 AM
3 / 10 Some info is better then none at all.
ZOE13O 6/10/2013 10:28:54 PM
LILORITA 6/4/2013 11:24:43 AM
LOOKSLIKELILY 6/3/2013 4:45:52 AM
I fail to see a difference between "Incorrect, we think" and "inconclusive".
MARIASPARKLE 5/27/2013 7:52:35 AM
DELLMEL 5/17/2013 9:46:04 PM
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