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Which holiday meat is lowest in calories and fat (per 3-ounce serving)?

See how these common meats stack up against each other:
Roasted Extra-Lean Ham, 150 calories
Turkey Wing with Skin, 185 calories
Duck with Skin, 285 calories

But don't let this example fool you, as ham is not always the lowest-calorie choice. In fact, most cuts of turkey (especially those with white meat and no skin) are leaner. The type, cut, and cooking method of the meat you choose greatly affects calorie and fat content. Here's a breakdown of meat choices, from leanest to fattiest. These numbers are based on three-ounce portions (a standard serving of meat), but be aware that not every breast, wing or thigh is only three ounces (which is about the size of a deck of cards). Read Turkey Talk for shopping and cooking tips.

Meat (3 oz. portion) Calories Fat grams
Roasted turkey back without skin 46 1
Roasted turkey back with skin 66 3
Roasted turkey breast without skin 115 0.5
Roasted turkey breast with skin 131 3
Roasted turkey thigh/drumstick without skin 137 3
Roasted turkey wing without skin 150 3
Roasted extra lean ham 150 5
Roasted turkey thigh/drumstick with skin 168 5
Roasted duck without skin 170 10
Roasted ham without fat 180 8
Roasted turkey wing with skin 185 9
Roasted ham with fat 230 15
Roasted duck with skin 285 24

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