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Which season has the best weather and activity options for working out?

28% (1492 votes)
20% (1071 votes)
47% (2521 votes)
4% (191 votes)
None of the above
2% (118 votes)
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9/25/2011 2:30:39 PM

MLAN613's SparkPage
I agree that we needed an all of the above. I live in Minnesota and we experience all seasons and each season has options for exercise.


9/24/2011 12:44:56 AM

JVANAM's SparkPage
The pollster AGAIN limited the answers to an absored degree. The correct answer IS "All of the above".

Every season offers timely delights, however, every season "has the best weather and activity options for working out".


9/23/2011 3:36:15 PM

There should be an all season answer.

Spring and fall are best to me, so marked spring since I love all the spring flowers as an additional motivation to get out and move.

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