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I've been watching the Food Channel all day and I haven't seen one good recipe for socks!

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My doctor told me to find an activity I like and do it for at least 30 minutes a day. Watching TV is an activity I like! Actually, I wouldn't mind if someone stole 25 pounds of my identity. This exercise is great for your arms, shoulders, chest and back. Do four sets of 15 repetitions, then move on to the yarn ball for your aerobics. If the brain is mostly made of fat, then gaining weight in college helps you get smarter! My body is apple-shaped and yours is pear-shaped. How can we be unhealthy if we look like a fresh fruit salad?
You know you are a SparkPeople member when you drink 9 cups of water a day just to see the water cup overflow. Great excuses for cheating on your diet $1.00 Mall walking burns 300 calories per hour, which will automatically be gained back by breathing the air in the food court! I always bring Rusty with me. A 10 minute walk equals a 70 minute walk in dog years! What's wrong with empty calories? If they're empty, that means there's nothing bad in them!
Each serving contains 17 grams of Who Cares, 22 grams of Mind Your Own Business and 54 grams of Shut Up And Let Me Enjoy My Food! My doctor says I need to slow down.

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