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I've been watching the Food Channel all day and I haven't seen one good recipe for socks!

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The first Food Pyramid was built in ancient Egypt by a Pharoah who hated vegetables so much he buried them at the bottom. It's called 'fast food' because it goes to your hips faster than regular food. Too bad SparkPoints are not based on calories consumed. Weight lifting can help lower your cholesterol. Load up your fork with veggies and lift it to your mouth. Do 3 sets of 15 reps daily. Every couple needs a song. Ours should be 'You'll Never Walk Alone'."
Eat less and exercise more? That's the most ridiculous fad diet I've heard of yet! After all these years, I'm finally comfortable in my own skin. Maybe it's because my skin is a lot bigger than it used to be! Every day for me is an uphill struggle. On the positive side, it's great for my glutes! I do the Beatles Workout. I'm so tired because I carry that weight down the long and winding road 8 days a week! I tried jogging, but all that bouncing up and down made my beer too foamy!
It's a new procedure. We can surgically implant tiny detour signs so food won't go to your thighs. If at first you don't succeed, take a nap. When life gives you lemons, take a nap. When the going gets tough, take a nap.

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