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Lose some weight, quit smoking, move around more, and eat the carrot.
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PMT530 8/5/2017 4:57:09 AM
very funny
HAPPYCAMPER109 11/4/2016 3:19:27 PM
YOGAYANKIE 3/10/2016 8:29:33 PM
That's a keeper :)
SUSANSKI 10/26/2015 9:39:07 PM
Eat the carrot-lol
JODIE333 11/11/2013 8:17:12 PM
...too cute!
ROGHAYE 6/16/2013 6:21:31 AM
that's good
STAYTRU2U1 6/5/2013 9:00:27 PM
love this...wish I could lose weight by simply warming up!
MSROZZIE 6/5/2013 5:00:42 PM
if only...!
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