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The New Fitness Trend Guaranteed to Make Your Day

Finally--a form of fitness that appeals to everyone! This hilarious new workout trend will leave you grinning from ear to ear.
Not a fan of exercise? Try these fun ideas!
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Member Comments

CHRISSYWILSON80 5/2/2018 2:26:12 PM
This definitely had me giggling Report
KHALIA2 5/2/2018 11:47:34 AM
Thank you for sharing! Love this one! Report
BARBEQUESUE 5/2/2018 6:59:33 AM
Love it!
When there is tune playing in a store, I find myself swaying to the music.
:o) Report
KADORVINEN 10/14/2017 8:42:46 PM
I love this video! Report
ORTATK 10/13/2017 8:40:56 AM
Oh, I did so enjoy this. I hope it catches on. Report
CCLEHR 1/18/2017 4:22:58 PM
For Me: Groove Is Always in the Heart ... Delightful! Report
KOOKERJ8 12/30/2016 1:28:54 PM
Happy, happy. Report
SASSYBLONDE69 7/24/2016 1:45:49 AM
Now I'm even more motivated to get a mobility aid! Report
SQUINN2208 3/15/2016 3:26:53 PM
How fun! This put a smile on my face :) Report
NITAPITA64 3/15/2016 12:15:23 PM
Great motivating video!! I love how people, everyone just joins in and do their thing. Certainly put a smile on my face. Exercise and music could make the world go around. Report
SEWATER 2/5/2016 10:34:44 PM
I loved this video. I live in a small town. They would probably lock me up if I tried this !! Report
NORE1969 1/29/2016 1:35:35 PM
I LOVE this! I'm not brave enough to do it, but I really wish I was! Report
MISSYGEEN 1/3/2016 9:34:50 PM
This is hysterical. Even good dancers are not brave enough to do this in public. That being said dancing is probably one of the most fun ways to burn calories. Report
LOULOUWLG403 10/18/2015 6:36:04 PM
I love this video! It never gets old.! I like the old man that says he likes M & M Rap! Too
funny! Report
PIXIEMOMMA 8/24/2015 7:27:43 PM
I live this... They call me HappyFeet as there's always a tune in my head. I can always be found dancing up and down the aisles of my warehouse when ever I am out and about auditing or inspecting. I never thought of tracking it Report